Custom Containers

At Federal Package, we design and manufacture a variety of stock and custom container styles and sizes, from .05 oz. to .65 oz., including propel-repel containers and a wide variety of caps. All injection molding and automated assembly is done on site at our FDA-registered facility in Chanhassen, MN.

All of our containers can be molded in any color combination including clear, natural and shimmers. Containers can be finished with a variety of decorating options for a product that really stands out.

Select a size below to view our stock container options:

.05 oz. – .15 oz.

.20 oz. – .35 oz.

.50 oz. – .65 oz.

Our engineering staff will help you choose the perfect container for your product and brand. We can also source containers that support your specific brand marketing.

Cosmetic Containers Colors offered by Federal Package
Beauty Containers from Federal Package