.50oz - .65oz Containers

Our engineering staff will help you choose the perfect container for your product and brand. We can also source containers that support your specific brand marketing.


750 Original

  • Common sunstick or glue stick size

  • .50oz (14.2g) capacity, 3.72″ high with cap

  • Polypropylene


Currently Out of Stock

750 Lightweight

  • Lightweight version of common sunstick container 750 Original

  • .50oz (14.2g) capacity, 3.72″ high with cap

  • Polypropylene

780 container

  • Larger capacity, sleek, modern elliptical

  • .50oz (14.2g) capacity, 3.01″ high with cap

  • Polypropylene


880 container

  • Larger capacity, extra strong container

  • .63oz (17.8g) capacity, 3.15″ high with cap

  • Polypropylene