Beauty & Technology in 2018


Beauty tech in 2017 was all about integrating augmented reality into beauty apps to allow customers to try on products virtually in the comfort of their own homes. This year, beauty brands are making industry strides experimenting even more with the latest technology trends to give customers a more personalized experience through augmented reality, customized products, and new tools and devices focused skin health. They are offering a more user-oriented experience with the promise of delivering more individualized product recommendations. Here are a few of the buzz-worthy beauty tech products that are being released in 2018.

If you’ve ever wondered how much you are exposing your skin to harmful UV light every day, L’Oréal has been aiming to find out with its skin safety technology. Two years ago L’Oréal launched the UV Patch, a stick-on, water-resistant sensor that synced with your phone to let you keep tabs on UV exposure. This year, they’re back with the UV Sense, a battery free circular stick-on that fits on your thumb and connects to an app to let you track sun exposure throughout your day. The device comes with additional adhesives so it can be used again and again.

Smart mirrors are nothing new, with previous versions letting users view the weather, watch TV, or check the time while getting ready in the morning. The HiMirror brings in a skincare element, with a built-in camera that analyzes skin and tracks goals and results. The voice-controlled mirror uses a built-in camera to tell the user about their pores, dark spots, wrinkles, and dark circles and suggests a skincare regime. The company’s latest mini version of this mirror even integrates with Amazon Alexa, meaning you scan your skincare products into the device to reorder or get notifications when expiration dates are coming up.

Romy Paris created a cosmetic formulator called Figure based on the theory that your skin constantly reacts to your environment and becomes unbalanced, so your skin care regiment should vary based on the conditions of the day. The device pairs with an app that gathers information on climate, pollution, activity level, and sleep habits to identify the best combination for your skin on that particular day. Active ingredients are separated from one another, as well as from the primary skincare, and preserved in capsules to keep their freshness without added preservatives or unnecessary elements. The Romy app then identifies the best capsule combination for your skin at that time and you simply add them to the formulator and your tailor-made skincare product is mixed and ready to use in just a few seconds.

Neutrogena’s newest technology, the Neutrogena Skin360 app and SkinScanner, allow consumers to measure what’s happening above and below the surface of their skin. The SkinScanner tool fits over the top of your phone and has an ultra-magnifying lens with built-in LED lights and sensors. To use it, you simply need to hold your phone up with the lens gently resting on your skin. Each time you scan, the app analyzes your moisture level, pores and lines to provide you with a unique Skin360 Score. Your Skin360 Score changes as your skin does, and you can track the progress and improvement over time and can also offer product recommendations for your skin type based on the information from SkinScanner.