Federal Package’s Services In Action


Federal Package is a premium personal care contract manufacturer that takes pride in partnering with companies to launch or expand their brand. That means we can assist in the personal care manufacturing process from start to finish. Whether you need us throughout the entire process or for just a few steps, we put more than 40 years of experience to work to make high-quality beauty products for you. Now, you can see it all in action on our Capabilities video.


Our chemistry staff has more than 60 years of combined experience and can work with your existing formula or partner with you to develop a new, custom formula. We conduct extensive formulation research for our clients so you don’t have to. All formulations are tested to meet the highest standards and we offer SPF, natural and organic certified formulas.

Research & Development

We also offer analytical and microbiology laboratory services to analyze your formulas. We have a state-of-the-art laboratory facility and can perform a wide variety of analyses on incoming ingredients and finished formulations.


Using our vast knowledge of personal care products, Federal Package is well qualified to help you develop your personal care and cosmetic formulation. From skin care to lip care and deodorant, we can provide what you need to succeed. We even offer organic, vegan, and SPF formula development services.

Blending & Filling

We blend all types of personal care products and emphasize quality control every step of the way. After blending, we are able to fill a variety of container sizes and types including squeeze tubes, lip balm containers, deodorant containers and plastic bottles and jars.


Labeling & Design

Whether you are looking for just container options or a total turnkey solution, we are here for you. We know the importance of having retail-ready products that stand out on the shelf.  We are ready to collaborate with you to help create the right packaging and decorating for your brand and to ensure cost optimized speed-to-market solutions. Many different effects can be achieved using a variety of decorating techniques or we can provide a retail-ready package to your exact specifications.