Inventor of SAFETY SKIN™ Hires Federal Package to Manufacture a New, Innovative Product.


It all started with the swipe of a paint brush. John Kulbis, a competitive cyclist, was painting the interior walls of a house for a local bike shop owner. He accidentally leaned against wet paint and it wouldn’t wipe clean from his arms before he left for his evening run. At the close of his route, he noticed the paint was still there, glowing in the dim dusk light. That’s when inspiration struck.


SAFETY SKIN REFLECTIVE SKIN SPREAD is the very first reflective product designed to be applied directly onto your skin. Hiking, biking, running or performing any activity at night or in the rain can be dangerous. With a few swipes of this one-of-a-kind spread in a small, deodorant-shaped container, you can enhance your visibility in any low light condition.


The Independent Experiment

As any entrepreneur knows, an innovative product doesn’t come to life overnight. John began his two-and-a-half-year independent experiment in the basement of his parents’ house in Cleveland, Ohio. He tested all sorts of materials—liquids, waxes and gels—to find something strong enough to withstand the elements, yet gentle enough to wipe away. But John knew he couldn’t manufacture a product alone.

After a few failed attempts at working with other manufacturers, he discovered Federal Package, an expert cosmetic and skin care product development company also located in the Midwest. John was drawn to the company because of its commitment to quality products and ingredients, and passion for innovation. Within just a short time after contacting Federal Package, John’s project was put on a fast track by the solution experts. This caused John to develop a strong relationship with his project manager right away, showing the team’s dedication to helping John achieve his dream.


A Collaborative Process

SAFETY SKIN was John’s vision, but Federal Package was ready to put 40 years of experience to work to help him make an unbeatable formula. Federal Package started the product development process by making different versions of the reflective spread, then sending them to John for testing and review. The effort was a true collaboration—the team would make formulation revisions based on John’s feedback and its own expert knowledge. John was impressed with the persistence of the Federal Package Solutions Team, working diligently to develop a formula that met his unique requirements.

“I’m very passionate about using as few ingredients as possible,” says John Kulbis, Founder of SAFETY SKIN. “I’m thankful that I found a team that’s as dedicated to natural and organic products, so much so that SAFETY SKIN only has seven ingredients and they’re all FDA-approved.”

Now that the formula was established, John needed a packaging concept. It just so happens that he studied architecture in school so he was able to handle the design on his own, pulling inspiration from the paint smear that started the whole endeavor. He also knew he wanted to use a deodorant-shaped container for easy application. The Federal Package team brought the concept to life by producing containersblending and filling the reflective spread, and executing decoration and packaging all under one roof to save John time and money. Then, he could take the final, finished product to market as efficiently as possible.

The Future of SAFETY SKIN

John is excited by the growth of SAFETY SKIN and can’t wait to see what the future holds. He is currently working on the development of new colors with the Federal Package team and hopes to expand his product line in the near future. Visit the SAFETY SKIN Facebook page to learn more or shop the website to buy your own reflective skin spread.

If you’re an entrepreneur like John who needs help starting a personal care line, contact Federal Package today