Product Development: From the Lab to the Store Shelf


A tube of lip balm or a container of skin cream may be just a necessity when you grab it off the store shelf, but numerous tedious steps go into the cosmetic product development process to take a seemingly simple personal care item from raw materials to retail ready. Many cosmetic product development companies specialize in one or more steps in this process, but Federal Package is the leading personal care product manufacturer that provides end-to-end services for the health and beauty industry.

It All Starts with Raw Materials

When a company approaches us with an idea for a new product, we go to work sourcing raw materials to develop prototypes in our FDA-registered analytical and microbiology laboratory. Our chemistry staff has more than 60 years of combined experience in formulation research and development, and we’re experts at developing formulas that conform to strict vegan, organic and natural guidelines. We also conform to all necessary guidelines set forth by the Food and Drug Administration.

During the formulation process, we can also add in ingredients to customize your product, such as flavorings for lip balms and mineral pigments to add tints and shimmers. Our team works closely with you to ensure the exact formulation is achieved according to your specifications.


A Perfect Blend

Once your formulation is approved, your product enters is produced our state-of- the-art production facility where we blend large batches of your custom product. During this the production process, quality control is paramount and our technicians go to great lengths to ensure your product meets our rigorous quality standards.

The Container is Key

The container-selection process is an important step in product development. At Federal Package, we have both stock containers in sizes from .07 oz. to .65 oz., and we can also design a custom container for your personal care product. Our custom containers can be molded in any color imaginable, and we can even color-match one of your existing containers.

Once the container style is selected and manufactured, we begin the filling process. We use top-of- the- line equipment to complete the filling process and can fill in excess of 5,000 containers per hour.


Getting Ready for Retail

Finally, the container packaging can help you stand out in the marketplace. We’re experts at retail-ready packaging and our designers are skilled at knowing what will catch the eye of consumers while they browse the store shelves. We use a variety of decorating methods to achieve the effect you want for your personal care products.

If you have a new personal care product you would like developed and would like to experience the efficiency and cost savings of one company handling the entire product development process from beginning to end, contact Federal Package today.